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Window Handles

Window handles come in a number of different styles and colors to match your home. They have a locking mechanism hidden within the frame to allow you to close and open your double-glazed windows.

It is important to measure the spindle before replacing your handle. This is the distance the nose sticks out from the base plate or the distance it is inserted into the lock.

Espag Handles

Espag handles are used to operate multi-point locks within double glazed Window handle,,-glazed windows. The handle can be turned around the window to improve security. Our collection of espagnolette handles includes straight and cranked styles, available in various finishes such as chrome, brass and black.

Each handle is crafted from robust die-cast zinc that is powder-coated or plated for visit the up coming internet site the highest corrosion resistance, impact strength and protection from abrasion. They are specifically designed to be used on uPVC and aluminium windows equipped with shoot bolt or espagnolette mechanisms. They can be locked in the closed position using keys or [Redirect-Meta-10] push buttons to secure the handle.

The espagnolette handle is generally a 7mm squared rod that goes through the backplate of the lever, and into the lock mechanism in the sash frame. By turning the handle, you can activate this lock. It is crucial to consider the size of the spindle when selecting the handle you want to use for your window with a espagnolette. This will determine how it will open. The size of the spindle is identified by a number on the backplate of the handle such as ‘5″ 3/4″ or 2/3″ and you’ll be required to measure it against your existing handle in order to make sure it will fit.

Cranked handles are a different design to straight handles. They are available in either left-handed versions (opened clockwise) and right-handed versions (opened anticlockwise) according to the method you use to open your window. The cranked design provides more clearance to open the window. This is ideal for windows close to the frame.

The cockspur handle can be described as a variation of the espagnolette design, but this time with a cockspur nose that is closed onto the striker plate in a manner similar to a multi-point espagnolette lock. This kind of handle is ideal for older UPVC and aluminium windows and can be used as an repair handle to replace old broken cockspur handles.

Both cockspur and cranked handle models are available with a key-lock insert in order to give additional security. They are available in a variety of different hand sizes and come with an black blanking plug for those who prefer their window handle locked or want to highlight it as a fire escape only.

Cockspur Handles

The cockspur is a classic window handle with a spur, or triangle bit, that pushes against the wedge on the frame as the handle is closed. They are typically found on older aluminium windows or uPVC casement windows that don’t have an internal mechanism for securing the frame, so they rely on the cockspur handle to keep them together.

The handles are available in a broad variety of nose and nib height options to fit different profiles. These handles are suitable for left and right hand window systems. They’re the perfect solution for those who want to replace a window handle that’s worn out or damaged, but do not require more complicated internal gadgetry.

Our Sparta Cockspur handle is constructed of high-quality materials and is popular for a wide variety of applications. It features a sleek modern design and comes with an ordinary deadlock cylinder to improve security. It’s available in a variety of backset heights to fit all common casement sizes and is compatible with a full suite of matching window accessories.

In-line cockspur handle models are straight and move either left or right while cranked cockspur handles have short ‘noses which is positioned over a striker plate made of plastic that is fixed to the frame. It’s easy to use and can be locked or unlocked by using a key for added security.

Espagnolette handle models are generally considered to be more secure than cockspur handles since they employ a spindle that can manage multiple locks concealed within the frame. These handles are the perfect solution for those looking for a secure handle for double-glazing. They are available in a variety of styles to suit your home.

If you’re purchasing a new set of double glazed window handles, it’s essential to to measure up your existing windows and make sure whether the dimensions of the handle and spindle will fit in your new frames. Select a product that meets the Secured By Design minimum requirements.

Handles that can tilt and turn

Tilt and turn windows are becoming more and more popular due to their design as well as the efficiency they bring. They allow for multiple opening options and can be opened in various ways, which aids in cleaning convenience and allows fresh air into the home, or providing the fire escape.

These handles work in a similar way to an espagnolette handle but are equipped with additional functions that make them better suited to tilt and turn windows. The lever can be positioned down when locked to close the windows or 90 degrees to open it like an opening window, or upwards to open the window.

They have a multipoint locking mechanism which is more effective against forced entry than double-glazed casement windows. The hinges on the bottom of the outer frame have metal locking pins which are inserted into a rail made of steel across the frame’s inner side when the handle is in the closed position. The window’s interior is secured by two more hinges in the bottom corners that can be opened to the side and outwards, which makes them ideal for windows with larger openings and is great for ventilation.

The open mode can be activated by turning the handle in such a way that it is facing up. It opens the window in a vertical tilt that allows for better airflow and makes cleaning easier. The sash can be pulled to the side that is facing the windows to create a gap enough to fit the ladder or stool through.

Tilt-and turn handles are usually larger than espag and cockspur handles due to the fact that they need to be able to handle the larger and larger frames of the same sizes. They are spindle-based and utilize the exact same fixings that a normal handle for cockspur or espag uses, but they will have a wider base and usually larger screw centers.

upvc door handles frames are the most common windows made of uPVC since they’re less expensive than aluminium or timber and don’t require painting, however, there are a variety of wood-effect finishes available. Aluminium is a second option for these kinds of windows, as it can be painted in any shade to match the existing look of your house and is lighter than uPVC.

Spade or Blade Handles

It is crucial to select handles that complement the style and function. The closing and locking mechanisms are equally important as the frame making it possible to use your uPVC windows efficiently and with no hassle. It is also important to ensure that the handles will last and not break easily.

The blade handle or spade is among the most popular kinds of handles. They are usually used on tilt and turn or casement style uPVC windows. The lever operates an latch, catch or multi-point locking mechanism. The catch is usually connected to a peg keep or mortice keep, which is positioned in the frame of the window and offers more security and stability.

These handles are commonly used on double glazing windows handles-glazed uPVC casement or tilt-and-turn windows. They are designed for better ergonomics and offer more leverage to open the windows, making them more convenient. They come in various designs to match any interior design.

The handle for double glazed window itself will feature a spindle (7mm square) that extends from the back which is used to connect with and enter the gearbox of the multi-point locking system that is inside the window. The window can be closed and secured more securely. The handles are also available in a variety of sizes that can be fitted to different sized frames and some manufacturers offer straight and angled versions too.

It is also possible to increase the security of uPVC windows by using handles that have a key-locking system. They are perfect for uPVC doors and windows that are frequently used because they permit you to secure your window or door from the outside, making it more difficult for burglars to gain entry by bending or adjusting the handle.

There are arguments for and against a lock handle. We think it’s an excellent idea as it can provide an additional layer of security to your home. Even if you’re not worried about intruders trying to enter your home however the fact that they’ll have more difficulty in getting past the key-locking handle is likely to deter them and make it less of a target for them.

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