What is Heart Matters?

Heart Matters features plenty of content written by cardiac experts, with the goal of informing the general public about ways to improve their heart health and avoid heart disease and stroke. With strong interest and passion for people’s heart health, Dr.P. Nagaraj Kumar has started the Heart Matters website. The website is a platform to bring awareness to heart disease, with the hope of encouraging heart patients to seek help sooner for heart disease symptoms. Through Heart matters he is ready to share his knowledge with readers, and his website is a resource for heart-healthy information. You will find a heart-friendly diet, healthy living tips, and strategies for maintaining a healthy heart. 

Dr.P. Nagaraj Kumar, D.M (Cardiology)

Dr. P. Nagaraj Kumar, is a renowned cardiologist in Tirupati who is passionate about patient care and outcomes. His distinct style of patient management involves partnering with patients by empowering them with knowledge and allowing them to track their disease management. Being a native of Tirupati, he did his early schooling in Tirupati and higher schooling in Vijayawada. He finished his medical education in Hyderabad and obtained his D.M., Cardiology in July 2009 from NIMS. 

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Heart matters provides you with great resource guides. Best of all, you can also post any questions related to cardiac issues and the doctors will reply you as soon as possible

Informational Videos

The more you understand about heart disease, the easier it’ll be to take care of yourself. Check out Informational Videos that help you to know the facts when it comes to heart diseases.

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